Government portals
Uniteller is a reliable payment partner of the state and social projects
The state strongly pushes for popularization of non-cash payment therefore the possibility of replenishment of a personal account by means of a bank card appears with ever increasing frequency on the state portals. The Uniteller company in return actively supports the state initiative of implementation of online payments and offers the most advantageous conditions of cooperation.

Benefits of work with us:

  • We guarantee simple and quick process of integration and no-charge connection.
  • We guarantee the support of habitual and unorthodox calculation tools: bank cards with magnetic strip and chip, non-contact bank cards and NFC devices.  
  • We will provide convenient services of acceptance of payments for you and your clients: payment programs, payments on the registered card, manual invoicing arrangements and some more individual opportunities for calculation.
  • We will provide necessary functionality for convenient work and administration of payments in the Personal account.
  • Also we will answer all your questions and the questions of payers at any time of day, we have the afterhours support for you.
And we will give you the additional opportunities of acceptance of payments in floor stand kiosks and self-service terminals in your representations.

Fill an order, and we will consult you about all questions.
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