Banks and payment systems
Special opportunities for banks and payment systems

Uniteller has a long-term positive experience of services accomplishment concerning electronic commerce to the partner banks.

Especially for Banks our company is ready to provide services taking into account the following opportunities: 

  • Concurrent connection to several, cooperating with us, merchant acquirers with transaction routing; 
  • Availability of preauthorization concerning cards; 
  • Data storage of bank cards for organization of recurrent payments and the "accelerated" payments requiring only the CVV-input; 
  • Conducting transactions with and without 3D-Secure, subject to good cause; 
  • Branding of payment pages; 
  • Availability of API for connection of a mobile application; 
  • Automatic anti-fraud and a flexible system of limitation/filtration; 
  • Rendering services of acquiring to online stores – to the clients of your bank, on behalf of your bank with the usage of the branding payment page. The contract with        PTS is signed only by your bank, it conducts calculations with PTS too; 
  • Access to the Personal account for transactional control and implementation of repayment of money to cards in case of need. 
Services of our company are provided on the terms of post-transactional payment. 


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