Avia and Tourism
Start Commission 2.0-2.5%, a lot of useful services and features.

The Uniteller company offers special business terms and conditions for business in the sphere of Avia and Travel. We ready to offer the starting commission in the amount of 2,0-2,5%. The long list of services and opportunities is provided at no cost.

Uniteller processing has an integration with famous and reliable solution providers for searching and booking the tourist services online. All it takes is to include acceptance of non-cash payments on your website!

Airline tickets




Appraise the comfort of online acceptance of payments:

  • Accept payments from any modern device on any operating system
  • Save the time of your clients with acceptance of payments on the registered card
  • Adapt the style of checkout pages under design of your website
  • Optimize the payment process by means of pre- authorization of payments
  • Reduce expenses with direct acquiring in GDS
  • Create payment references for payment of tickets and hotel vouchers without integration
  • Perform complete/partial returns
  • Control transactions in real time and unload statistics from the Personal account of Uniteller
  • Decide any questions at any time of day with our technical service, we are always available

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