A universal payment module for receiving credit cards in self-service systems
Spheres of application of the payment module uniPayment
Banking self-service kiosks
Ticket kiosks
Infomats "Electronic government"
Parking automatic cash desks
Zones of cash self-service in supermarkets
Payment stations on automated filling stations
Fares on the subway and surface transport
Vending equipment
Terminals for encashment
Appointment and functionality of the uniPayment module
The universal program interface of payment,independent from specifics of concrete devices (PIN-pad, the card reader);
Support of payments on cards of international payment systems (IPS): MasterCard Worldwide, MasterCard Maestro, Visa International, Visa Electron, JCB International, China UnionPay, MIR;
The possibility of payment by means of fuel cards of Russian and foreign issuers: E100, DKV, BP, CircleK (Statoil), Rosberlio. And also prepaid card payments and payments on card "Troika";
Integration with any management software, irrespective of the used operating system (Windows, Linux);
Work with the integrated display of a PIN-keyboard or the main display of the terminal (with the help of the terminal software);
Remote software updating of the payment module and the software of equipment connected to it;
Multi-acquiring - transaction routing in various processing centers of banks depending on the issuer of a bank card and other parameters;
Tool kit of advanced diagnostics;

It is delivered in terms of one of two decisions
Depending on the customer's requirements and type of the terminal: uniPayment controller and uniPayment service.
Adaptation under needs of the specific customer
up to upgrading of scenarios and communications protocols.

Thanks to the simplicity of integration with the decisions of third-party manufacturers and cash software, the payment uniPayment module allows connecting self-service systems to the banking processing centers with the minimum costs.

Start accepting payments
Technical characteristics

  • The EFTPOS protocol, possibility of interaction with the application of kiosks at TCP/IP, and also in the mode of emulation RS232
  • Support of Windows, Linux

  • Support of EMV Level 2
  • Work with the OEM-equipment of different vendors (PIN-pads and card readers) on RS232 or USB

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