Payment solutions

Special opportunities for acceptance of payments.
Mobile and trade acquiring

Connection of payment solutions

If you work in the sphere of unattended payment terminal – we will help you to receive more benefit from its usage and provide comfortable service to your clients.


uniEMV – an EMV kernel, the certified built-in payment decision for transactions on contact bank cards with chip.

  • Supports a full range of the functions provided by the EMVCo specification and has the certificate of EMV Level 2.
  • It is easily transferred to the POS terminals programmed in language C ++.
  • It has the open program interface that allows performing connection to already available software in short terms.

The universal payment module of in-house development for acceptance of bank cards in the systems of self-service.

  • The minimum expenses for connection of self-service provisionings to the banking processing centers.
  • Provides the universal program interface of payment.
  • Support of the OEM-equipment of several producers.
Increase your customer audience, giving it additional calculation capabilities.
Trade acquiring
Accepting payments by credit cards at the box office in your outlets
Mobile acquiring
Convenient method of payment for delivery services by means of mPOS terminals
Working with us is comfortable
Benefits for you
  • Reduction in expenses for coordination and organization of technical connection using the standard Uniteller components
  • Concentrate your efforts on expansion of network and improvement of service's quality for buyers, at this reducing the expenses on operating activity on payments attandance.
  • Support of EMV Level 2.
  • Protection against skimming.
  • Several levels of protection of authorized data.
Round the clock technical support
  • Program components for integration at various platforms.
  • Connection 24х7 to Uniteller processing server.
  • Simple and complete technical documentation.
  • Consultations and training.
Fill an order, and we will consult you about all questions.
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