Ticket sales terminals
Accepting payments by credit cards at the ticket terminals
Ticket sales terminals allow easy and efficiently accept payments
Accept cards in its own network of self-service terminals!
Скорость и надежность
Быстрое подключение и надежный прием платежей через мобильные устройства
Современные инструменты расчета
Банковские карты с магнитной полосой и стандарта EMV, инновационные бесконтактные технологии - MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, NFC-устройства.
Поддерживаем: Cryptera (Sagem, BBS); SZZT; Neuron; Sankyo; Bluepad-50; VivoPay Kiosk II, 5000; Magtek.

The advantages of working with ticket terminals
Improving service by reducing queues - increasing the capacity due to increase speed of service;
Customers already have a psychological tendency to payment by plastic cards;
Widening the circle of potential customers due to those categories of citizens who are accustomed to buy their own tickets in terminals;
Reducing the time of sale (particularly during peak hours), and therefore increase the daily revenue;

We support all areas of business where possible ticket sales terminals
Transport sphere
Payment tickets of land transport near and far following.
Trade and entertainment sphere
Payment of tickets for attractions, cinema, cultural, sports and recreational activities.

uniPayment is universal payment module for receiving credit cards in self-service systems. Billing module was integrated with a variety of terminal solutions and has proven its reliability during operation.

Start accepting payments
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