Automatic motorway filling stations
Accepting payments by credit cards on automatic filling stations
Automatic filling station is the best solution for your business
Company Uniteller integrated with the majority of producers and suppliers of parking systems for filling stations equipment - both Russian and foreign production. This means that the connection process will take a minimum of time for you and do not require additional efforts - we will take care of maintenance of the entire process.
Advantages of filling stations with installed automatic payment terminals
Improving service by reducing queues -increasing the capacity of filling stations at the expense of faster service;
Lack of opportunity of theftwith "partial underfilling" (client-fueling conspiracy);
Customers already have a psychological tendency to payment by plastic cards at the gas station;
Expanding the range of of potential customers (If person does not have cash because enrollment salaries on card);
Opportunity to pay for fuel on credit(credit card);
Development and connection of existing customer loyalty programs (Discounts and promotions);
Reducing the time of sale (particularly during peak hours), and therefore increase in daily proceeds;
Sale of fuel without staff at night. Consequently, reduction of payroll and operating costs;

We support all types of filling stations with the use of self-service terminals
"Mixed" type of filling stations
Payment by plastic cards and release the fuel can be made both APT and filling stations operator.
Automatic filling stations

Payment by plastic cards and release the fuel produced with the use of APT

Uniteller uses the best practices of the largest companies producing automatic payment terminals (APT) for automatic filling stations

Start accepting payments

Building automatic filling stations with the use of automatic payment terminals (APT) is due to the annual growth of quantity of of vehicles, dense urban areas and rich infrastructure of modern cities.

Automatic filling stations can be accommodated in a limited space and at the same time meet the requirements of safety and comfort. The costs of construction and operation of the automatic stations is significantly lower compared to the cost of the creation and maintenance of traditional filling stations.

Automated Payment Terminal (APT) is a hardware and software system allowing make payments by plastic cards and release the fuel without the direct involvement of filling stations staff.

Automatic payment terminals have friendly interface, easy to use any consumer group. Following text and graphic instructions on the screen, the user can independently perform the steps for selecting the fuel and paying by plastic card.

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