Acquiring in self-service
Acceptance of payments for goods and services in payment kiosks and terminals.
Connecting up payments in terminals

If you work in the sphere of unattended payment terminal – we will help you to receive more benefit from its usage and provide comfortable service to your clients.

Ticket sales terminals
  • Integration of the payment Uniteller controller with the software of kiosks.
  • Connection and maintenance of bank card transactions.
Paid parking
  • Localization of settings of the foreign equipment.
  • Acceptance of bank cards on the equipment for parking of Russian and foreign producers.
  • Connection to the Russian acquirers using the payment Uniteller controller.
Automatic motorway filling stations
  • Прием банковских карт на терминалах самообслуживания АЗС, независимо от используемой операционной системы и оборудования.
  • Возможность поддержки «бензиновых карт» и карт лояльности владельца АЗС.
Payment terminals
  • Интеграция, подключение оборудования к эквайрингу и сопровождение транзакций.
  • Прием крупных сумм на терминалах (более 15000 руб.).
  • Подключение к собственному карточному процессингу (для банковских платежных терминалов).
Benefits for you
  • Reduction in expenses for coordination and organization of technical connection using the standard Uniteller components
  • Concentrate your efforts on expansion of network and improvement of service's quality for buyers, at this reducing the expenses on operating activity on payments attandance.
  • Support of EMV Level 2.
  • Protection against skimming.
  • Several levels of protection of authorized data.
Round the clock technical support
  • Program components for integration at various platforms.
  • Connection 24х7 to Uniteller processing server.
  • Simple and complete technical documentation.
  • Consultations and training.
Fill an order, and we will consult you about all questions.
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