Requirements for the website

For connection the following information should be posted on the website:

1. Information on the legal body (the postal address, primary state registration number (PSRN), Tax Payer Number, data for accomplishment of the payment) (it is usually posted in the section "Contacts").

2. Documents necessary for accomplishment of a deal between PTS and clients in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation (agreements offers and other documents).

3. Information (textual, graphical) about licenses, permissions from the producer or state bodies on the sold products (services) that allows establishing the person, the body, the term and the type of business activity or commodities involved in released documents (provided that the activity is subject to compulsory licensing).

4. Data:

  • on payments safety by means of bank cards;
  • solutions of disputable situations in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation;
  • on goods delivery (if the goods is deliverable) 
  • on charge-back (including: "The usual response time for repayment of money composes "…" days (the term is established by the shop). Repayment of money is performed on the same bank card from which the payment was accomplished. Transfer of money on card is carried out from 5 to 30 banking days, depending on Bank that issued a bank card.")

5. For the websites of shops having pickup points, information on their attained pose (trading address, roadmap) (it is usually posted in the section "Contacts").

6. Logos Visa, MasterCard, Uniteller, MIR.

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