How to connect

Begin the acceptance of payments is an easy task!

  1. Fill an order  for acquiring connection.
  2. Prepare necessary documents.
  3. Adjust the website on acceptance of payments. Requirements for the website.
Handling of all payments is carried out in the processing center Uniteller. Servers of processing are placed in the protected data-centers within the territory of Russian Federation.

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Payment is performed directly on the Uniteller server where your client passes after confirmation of the decision to make payment. But, thanks to the service "Customization of the checkout page ", for the client payment will be visually made on your website.

Stage 1: The buyer chooses the necessary goods and puts it in a virtual cart on the website of your online store.

Stage 2: The buyer finished the choice of goods and goes to the cart page. The Uniteller service integrated with your website is ready to carry out payment of this order - you only need to transfer information on the order to our server — the payment request.  

Stage 3: The Uniteller server received the payment request from you. From this point and only for the period of payment your Buyer, it is almost unwittingly, communicates already with our service — the Buyer is redirected on our guard checkout page finally for choosing payment instrument and entering confidential details.

Stage 4: The Uniteller service makes payment of your order and controls all payment process: from receipt of a request for payment to debiting of monetary resources from an account of the Buyer and its transfer to the account of your shop. 

These stages pass quickly and productively for you, but for us this is big and responsible work.

Fill an order, and we will consult you about all questions.
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