Connect acquiring Uniteller

For connection of acceptance of payments on the website, in systems of self-service or to have other opportunities of the non-cash payment we ask you to fill out the form below.

Monthly turnover
Less than 1 bil
  • 1 bil rubles
  • 3 bil rubles
  • 10 bil rubles
  • 25 bil rubles
  • 100 bil rubles

Your request for connection of acquiring will be considered without delay. Whereat our manager will contact you, he will report data on rates and describe the connection process in details.

What is necessary to connect your business to the Uniteller service

Connection of your online store to the payment service Uniteller will not demand additional financial investments from you and will pass enough quickly.

Send the connection request in our sales office using any method available for you: fill an order on the website, write the letter and send to or call 8 800 100-19-60. We will be glad to get aquainted!
Enter into a contract with Uniteller and Merchant acquirer on rendering services in information- technologicall maintenance of acceptance of bank cards. We will help you to fill in necessary documents and check the execution of an agreement with Merchant acquirer.
Get the ID of your online store - SHOP_ID - in the Uniteller system. We will contact you and report your identifier.
Post the mode of payment on the website of your online store,an ordering information from which will go to the Uniteller server.
Lead the trial payment on the custom designed test environment of the Uniteller payments.
Ready! Now you can accept payments on the website of your online store! We switch your online store to the "fighting" system of payments processing.

Afterhours support 

We help you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by the phones:
+7 495 987-19-60, ext. 1
8 800 100-19-60, ext. 1