Developmental history of Uniteller
Head office:
Amount of transactions:
6 million+/month
Business territory:
Russia, CIS
Monthly growth of turnover:

Alexey Bogatkin, CEO

The Russian payment market has a significantly higher potential, than in Europe. The domestic market still far from saturation. Therefore annual growth rates of cashless e-payments in Russia are still high and are in order of 40% only over the Internet. Especially quickly grows the segment of online payments.

Alexey Bogatkin, CEO

8 November
Entry into the register of Russian POD
4 October
Processing of the cards "MIR"
2 August
Processing of fuel cards
5 October
Connection of payment systems:
  • Apple Pay; 
  • MasterPass; 
  • Samsung Pay.
13 October
Project implementation "Card of the inhabitant of the Republic of Tatarstan"
12 July
Certification of an EMV-kernel according standard 4.3.E
27 January
The main achievements since the beginning of a year:
  • Transit payment by the no-contact bank cards on the public surface transport
  • Transit payment by the no-contact bank cards in the subways of St. Petersburg and Almaty
  • Certification PCI PIN Security Requirements v 2.0 standard
1 March
Toll roads:
  • Integration with the leading Russian and foreign issuers of fuel cards
  • Online-acceptance of bank and fuel cards, in terminals and agency network SVP "Platon"
  • Payment gateway for Avtodor-toll roads
6 November
The large project in the Republic of Tatarstan:
  • The Russia's first project of penalty charges payment by a bank card in crews of State Road Traffic Safety Inspection
21 January
Confirmation of high-security: Certification of the Uniteller service on safety technology of the American Express SafeKey online payments
26 February
Mobile (mPOS) and trade (POS) acquiring:
  • Uniteller became the first payment processing company with a complete cycle of acquiring - acceptance of bank cards in any sphere within one processing
1 March
City portals of state services
  • The universal solution of acceptance of payments on free references for portals
16 February
The IFin-2012 conference: Product release "The virtual terminal" for banking sector
31 January
uniPayment 2.0:

Release of an updated product - uniPayment (version 2.0) with an advanced functionality — receipt on bank card with chips of EMV level 2 standard, smart cards and cards with non-contact NFC technology — MasterCard PayPass

20 September
Uniteller obtained the FSB license
for implementation of maintenance works concerning cryptographic (cryptic) tools
20 April
The Uniteller service is chosen for payment processing in socially important projects in the online mode and in self-service kiosks of the electronic government:
  • Electronic government of the Russian Federation 
  • Electronic government of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Electronic government of the Republic of Bashkortostan

19 May
Information system of Uniteller processing
successfully audited information system against Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

21 September
Corporate services on payments processing

in the sphere of self-service develop actively. Release of a hardware-software product "The payment controller" — the one-stop solution of payments acceptance concerning bank cards in the systems of self-service.

14 January
Uniteller, together with the Kinomax movie theater chain,

for the first time in Russia starts a possibility of payment for tickets in self-service kiosks by way of a credit card.

1 May
Uniteller, together with Unitecsys subsidiary company,

issues the uniXchange software product — a system of centralized management of files in centralized control systems (terminals for self-service).

5 August
This year

the Uniteller Company officially got the market as a service provider of processing concerning bank card payments in the sphere of electronic commerce

14 December
Uniteller got the market of the self-service sphere,

having become the first and unique processing company on handling of payments by means of bank cards in kiosks and self-service terminals