“Virtual acquirer”- a new acquiring service for Russian banks was presented by Uniteller on the 4th International PLUS-Forum



On June 3-4 in the Forum Hall, Moscow, the 4th international PLUS-Forum «Remote services, cards and payments 2013» took place. Uniteller company, the partner of the Forum, for the first time presented its new complex solution for banks which, according to the company, is required by more than a half of banks in Russia. 

Each bank is surely interested in expanding its services and increasing the number of its clients, however, the fact of impossibility to offer the modern services impede the favorable development of these interests and perspectives. Thus, more than half of banks in Russia cannot offer the service of acquiring to their customers as they just do not have their own processing or do not obtain the required license for e-Commerce. This fact negatively influences and decelerates the efforts to attract new customers, the same as keeping the current ones. 

At its stand Uniteller introduced the first high-tech acquiring service on the Russian market for banks, which aimed to completely solve the above mentioned problem allowing the banks to offer modern services to its clients, thereby increasing the loyalty of the current and obtaining new clients. 

“Virtual acquirer” is a comprehensive service that includes a wide range of services for banks and their clients: 

  • Internet acquiring for individuals and legal entities, the Bank’s clients. 
  • Payments in favor of local and Federal service providers on a bank website. 
  • Credit cards payment acceptance in the a bank terminal network. 
  • Cashless payments via mobile devices. 
  • Special solution from Uniteller for mobile-acquiring – uniMPOS.

It is important to note that a decision of this kind is the first service solution for the banking sphere on the Russian market. It provides beneficial and clear interaction scheme between a Bank and Uniteller processing center. To connect and offer acquiring service to its legal entities the Bank does not need to perform any technical integrations. 

“Banking and financial sphere is one of the main activity directions for our company, thus, productive cooperation with a lot of banks, including foreign ones, allows us to be aware of the current peculiarities in the development of banking services and current obstacles. Taking into account the needs of the majority of modern banks in Russia, last year our company released «Virtual terminal», a special product allowing the banks to expand the offered services on their website and accept payments in favor of local and Federal service providers. This year Uniteller offers banks a new modern solution – “Virtual acquirer”, which provides the ability to offer the  acquiring service in the Internet and mobile commerce to their clients – individual and legal entities, and allows banks to increase their income and the number of cashless transactions on their cards. At the moment “Virtual acquirer” is used by several banks in Russia and we can state the positive result and influence to the Bank operation and success of the service», - says Uniteller CEO Alexei Bogatkin.

About the company:


Uniteller is the first processing company in Russia ensuring payments acquiring both in self-service sphere and Internet. Uniteller services enable you to accept credit cards, e-money and mobile phone payments directly on your website, self-service kiosks and terminals. Uniteller payment system complies with the payment card data security standard -
PCI DSS, the company solutions are PCI PA-DSS certified. 

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