Uniteller has extended the PCI PA-DSS v.2.0 compliance certificate for uniPayment 2.0.0



uniPayment 2.0.0 payment module obtained its PCI PA-DSS compliance certificate in December 2011, as a result of the successful obligatory audit hold by Deiteriy company, the PA-QSA. The certificate action is extended for one year.


uniPayment is a universal payment module for self-service sphere that ensures acceptance the modern cashless payment methods in self-service kiosks and terminals – credit cards, including EMV cards, and innovational contactless payment methods – NFC. uniPayment is the product by Uniteller processing center developed in-house.

According to the rules of the international payment systems, all applications participating in the process of transactions authorization or handling the card payments, must comply with the Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard, PCI PA-DSS. It is also important to note that since July, 2012, according to the rules and demands of the international payment systems - Visa and MasterCard, all merchants and service providers that deal with bank cards, must use only PCI PA-DSS compliant products and applications.

"Timeliness is a very important aspect in any business. If a company works with cardholders data, the compliance with the actual industry standards and timely certification are the points which state the company reliability", – commented Sergey Shustikov, CEO of Deiteriy company, – "At the end of 2011 uniPayment module successfully passed the PCI PA-DSS of v.2.0 compliance testing held in our laboratory, that demonstrates Uniteller company professional approach to its work and service".

"uniPayment, together with Uniteller processing service, is represented on the Russian self-service market for a long time and is successfully used in different areas accepting the credit card payments: e-government infomats, automatic gas stations and parking lots, ticketing and vending kiosks. Our clients trust our company, they are sure in the reliability and high security level of our service, and we really value it. Moreover, the number of our clients is constantly increasing, - said Alexey Bogatkin, CEO of Uniteller. – We made our best efforts for our payment module to comply with the PCI PA-DSS v.2.0 requirements and successfully passed the timely audit in the dedicated Deiteriy company laboratory".

About the companies:

DeiteriyDeiteriy company is an information security service provider. It has been granted PCI QSA and PCI PA-QSA statuses. PCI QSA status entitles to hold the PCI DSS compliance certification audit for payment information systems and PCI PA-QSA status entitles to hold the payment applications compliance certification audit. The audit conclusions by Deiteriy company are recognized by the international payment Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB systems.



Uniteller is the first processing company in Russia ensuring payments acquiring both in self-service sphere and Internet. Uniteller services enable you to accept credit cards, e-money and mobile phone payments directly on your website, self-service kiosks and terminals. Uniteller payment system complies with the payment card data security standard - PCI DSS, the company solutions are PCI PA-DSS certified. 

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