Uniteller payment solution in e-Government of the Republic of Tatarstan infomats


Инфомат «Электронное Правительство Татарстана» с платежным решением Uniteller

Uniteller company has launched the service of credit card payments in self-service infomat - e-Government of the Republic of Tatarstan - which has successfully passed the certification in MasterCard international payment system. 

Now thanks to the official service-provider of the project - Uniteller company - it is possible to pay the services in informants with a credit card and also make OneTouch payments, the contactless PayPass technology. These services are enabled by a unique payment module - uniPayment v2.0, a universal solution for credit cards acceptance in self-service field, developed by Uniteller. uniPayment v2.0 has already proved its reliability and is successfully used in various self-service projects: payments acceptance on parking lots, toll roads, automatic gas stations, ticketing kiosks, automatic delivery stations, checkouts in self-service supermarkets, etc. 
The uniPayment v2.0 payment module is PA DSS certified and comprises the certificated EMV kernel for work with credit cards with chip. 


“All payments made in the e-Government of the Republic of Tatarstan informats fully correspond to the security requirements of MasterCard international payment system that became possible thanks to applying the certificated credit card acceptance solution developed by Uniteller company. This is the important step in our cooperation with the Electronic Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. Our company promotes active interaction between Government and citizens of the Republic. This is the future which is being made today” - commented Alexey Bogatkin, CEO of Uniteller company.

As Anis Gaynullinа, the Deputy minister of informatization and communications of the Republic of Tatarstan, said “today 145 infomats already work in the Republic of Tatarstan and it is planned to launch 137 more shortly. Infomats are placed in each municipal institution of the Republic and also in public places. Now it is not necessary to stand in long queues in state institutions to receive an extract, submit the application or pay an account.
The launch of the e-Government of the Republic of Tatarstan informats have considerably facilitated the process of sending an inquiry and obtaining a lot of documents, account, fine and tax payments, making an application on obtaining an international passport, payments for housing and communal services and penalties for moving violation, the same as making donations to charities and even filing the application on marriage registration. Informats also simplify the work with Federal service on customers' rights protection and human well-being surveillance and the Pension fund. Also, these services are available on the government portal and via mobile application”. 

The e-Government of the Republic of Tatarstan informats are convenient for the people who do not have the possibility to use computer and Internet to pay or order the services. According to the information of the State and Municipal services website of the Republic of Tatarstan – this is 37% of the Republic citizens for the moment. 

Ak Bars Bank, the largest bank in the Republic of Tatarstan, is an official acquiring bank for this project.

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Uniteller company is the first company with a unique complex of payments acquiring services in Internet and self-service field in Russia. Uniteller ensures quick connection, secure and reliable processing services which enable you to accept credit cards, e-money and mobile phone payments directly on your website and in self-service kiosks. Uniteller payment system complies with the payment card data security standard - PCI DSS and PA DSS.

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