Successful confirmation of PCI DSS v2.0 compliance



Сертификат PCI DSS v2.0_2012


Uniteller company has successfully passed annual obligatory PCI DSS v2.0 compliance audit. The issued certificate confirms full compliance of the company services with the demands of Card holders’ data secure processing and storage.

The certification was carried out by Digital Security, a professional auditor-company in the field of information security and one of the leaders in the field of business systems security.


“For a company offering internet acquiring services it is very important to possess PCI DSS certificate, as it indicates its legal business and professional approach. And taking into account that Uniteller is working in the field of payments processing in self-service (parking lots, gas stations, ticketing kiosks), including PayPass technology, the process of PCI DSS certification is held in a more strict, complex and expensive way for us, in comparison with other companies. Thus, the confirmation of the PCI DSS compliance has a principal technological and ideological value for Uniteller. Nowadays, unfortunately, there are still a lot of companies on the market which do not pay necessary attention to the security of card holders’ data that negatively affects everyone working with them.” – commented Uniteller CEO, Alexei Bogatkin.   

Uniteller company is constantly improving the system of information security of its own processing solution, striving to provide maximum security level to its clients. 

PCI DSS standard was developed by Visa International and MasterCard International payment systems and includes a number of demands to secure the Card holders’ data. The standard regulations describe such aspects as: improvement and development of secure information system; Card holders’ data protection; permanent control of the update process for software components and antivirus applications on servers; control and access regulations to the information complex; system security policy.  

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