Uniteller was awarded a Trust mark!



Марка доверия

On June 18, 2012 Uniteller processing company was awarded a Trust mark! It is necessary to note that Uniteller is the first and the only one company among credit card processing companies in Russia which obtained this recognition.

“Trust mark” is an independent initiative of NAMO (National Association of Mail Order and Distance Selling Trade, a non-profit professional organization aimed at development of Russian distance selling industry) that ensures protection of consumers' rights in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation and European convention of international and distance selling.

The golden rule of the European Convention is “Satisfaction and refund!” It means that is a customer is not satisfied with a product or has some other reasons, he can easily return this product or decline the ordered service, make exchange or refund (in case of prepayment), following the terms and conditions specified in the commercial offer from a company.   

Alexander Ivanov, President of NAMO, has comment this award for Uniteller: “The Trust mark is given only to organizations with impeccable reputation. For the moment, Uniteller is the only company, working in internet-acquiring sphere, which obtained this award for its professional and high quality services and real customer care.” 

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