Another social project with Uniteller participation



Biometrical system at schoolUniteller company continues to lead its active policy in offering internet-acquiring services to social organizations. This time the company participates in a new social project ”School window”, which pilot project has been already started in school #76, Yekaterinburg, Russia.  

A dream of all parents has come true! The “School window” is a project which allows paying for school lunch with the help of biometrical system that provides parents with the ability not only to control a child meals, but also money given for school meals. Schoolchildren, from their side, have also found this new system very useful, as to pay for a lunch they do not need to take money or a bank card with them anymore, so no risk to lose it – they need only to bring a finger to a fingerprint scanner.

It is so simple and for any age! 

“For a child to participate in this program, a parent needs to register a credit card in the system. Secure charge off on a lunch sum will automatically happen when a child brings a finger to the biometrical system. At the same time an SMS will be sent to a registered parent’s mobile phone number, as a confirmation of a paid lunch and successful charge off. Moreover, parents have the ability to examine the bought lunch in details (dishes) in their Back-office”, - commented Alexey Morozov, Director of Sales, Uniteller.  

Uniteller processing center ensures absolute payments security in accordance with all current demands of Visa and MasterCard. The company possesses all required certificates to offer payment processing services which are annually reaffirmed by successful passing a corresponding audit held by auditing companies accredited by International payment systems. 

In this social project Uniteller company participates together with its company partner Sonda Technologies which developers biometric systems from 1991. High quality of Sonda biometrical algorithms is constantly confirmed by International tests and corresponding events: SlapSeg04, Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC), and Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX). Sonda Technology posses 55 patents for its biometrical identification method and hardware solutions. 

Social projects are of high-priority and is a long-term direction in Uniteller activity. We will be glad and invite all organizations interested in this type of activity to cooperation!   

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