Know-how to sell the air tickets




“There are 4 components which build the success for the agencies working in the aviation field:  

  • Economy
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Universality

Uniteller company’s services for the aviation field are built the way to meet the demands of these 4 components and are provided on the required level – with guaranteed result.”  

With these words Alexei Bogatkin, CEO of Uniteller company, started his presentation at “e-Commerce and agency business” conference held on December 14-15 in Moscow. The main participants of the conference were the Heads and experts of agencies working with booking and selling the tickets in the field of aviation and tourism. The presentation by Alexei Bogatkin caused an unknown agiotage. 

The market participants are aware that the margin of the agency business is within 4-7% at the average. And such opportunity as reducing the expenses for booking and payment services from 5% to 0,5% is considered more than good economy. 

How to make your service more economy?

The customers’ convenience is another important point to be considered: minimum redirections to various pages, minimum information to be entered (only CVV code for future payments) during the payment process. These points are more than convenient.  

How to make your service more convenient? 

The customers are looking for the highest security for their payments. In general such level of security is achieved using strong filters of fraud-monitoring, but this method raises the risk of a failed payment - in other words, fraud transaction. Uniteller company offers the valuable improvement to the already used fraud-monitoring filters – binding the credit card with the random amount (charging a random amount off the credit card). 

How to make your service more secure? 

The ability to easily change a business partner and not to put the activity on hold is very important for each agency. The services of Uniteller company are built the way that an agency is not bound to any particular GDS or a booking engine due to its universality.  

How to make your service more universal?

Uniteller company successfully operates in a lot of fields accepting the credit card payments for the services and is always happy to build long-term and reliable relations with new agencies and companies. 


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