+40% of income on the gas stations!




In the official atmosphere of the International exhibition “Autocomplex 2011”, Uniteller company presented the certificate of conformance to Topaz-Service, LLC (Volgodonsk, Russia).

The certificate indicates that the hard-software complex by Topaz-Service, LLC meets Uniteller company’s technical requirements to connect the hard-software solution to Uniteller processing center in order to accept credit cards of Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, JCB International, Diners Club Worldwide international payment systems on the gas stations.      

The gas stations of the new type will allow the car owners to spend less time paying for the gas stations services due to the ability to pay with a credit card. The gas stations with the self-service equipment are quite popular in Europe and starting to gain its popularity in  Moscow, Russia. Basing on the corresponding statistics, self-service on the gas stations increases the stations capacity up to 40% and at the same time increases the income to one third correspondingly.

Uniteller company is constantly improving its services making them more secure and convenient.    

In the picture from left to right: Ivan Klushyn, Head of Sales Department, Uniteller and Sergey Anyuhin, CEO, Topaz-Service, LLC 

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