Uniteller company has confirmed the compliance of its services with the demands of data security standard PCI DSS v 2.0 of the payment card industry.


Uniteller company has again successfully passed the certification audit for the new version of the security standard PCI DSS v 2.0. The latest standard version was approved in October 2010.  

PCI DSS standard was developed by Visa International and MasterCard International payment systems and includes a number of demands to secure the Card holders’ data. The standard regulations describe such aspects as:  improvement and development of secure information system; Card holders’ data protection; permanent control of the update process for software components and antivirus applications on servers; control and access regulations to the information complex; system security policy.    

Uniteller company is constantly improving the information security system of its own bank cards processing solution, striving to provide maximum security level to its clients. 

The certification was carried out by Digital Security, a professional auditor-company in the field of information security and one of the leaders in the field of business systems security.  

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