You will be happy to cooperate with us!

And we are sure in it, as Uniteller company ensures:


  • We offer the services of the experienced and, what is very important, solid team who knows well and likes its job. It is very important for us to win our Clients’ confidence and build mutual partner relations on a long-term basis.

Technological effectiveness

  • Our team of technical experts is constantly working on the improvement of our payment service. We aspire to always be in the forefront of the industry and introduce the most advanced solutions. For our Clients it means the implemetation of the functionality a modern and reliable payment gateway must have.


  • Transactions fraud-monitoring
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • 3D Secure, EMV Level 2
  • Flexible security settings - effective risk management for our Clients

There are no deposits and additional commissions 
to make your payment process more secure, no matter what kind of bussiness you have or security options required.  We just provide this security at no additional cost. 

It is of high importance for us to protect our Clients from …… any credit card payment fraud.


  • We offer a unique chance to Clients - processing the credit card payments on their own -  Uniteller processing solution. It is just necessary to choose and connect to a bank-acquirer.

Uniteller processing solution underlies the foundation of our company services and we continue improving it. At certain turnovers of business it really gives serious effect for the Client.

Our company strictly adheres to the highest quality standards of service. Apply now!

Chess House named by V.Y. Dvorkovich hosted the star guests on RIW 13. Details

“Virtual acquirer”- a new acquiring service for Russian banks was presented by Uniteller on the 4th International PLUS-Forum. Details