Loyalty programs are quite a powerful tool, which ensures effective interaction between a company and its current and future customers. The presence of identical goods and services offered by competitors, drives companies towards more active position on the market - building the loyalty program, that allows the company to declare its distinctive features and, thereby, increase the number of regular customers and attract new ones.

Using the loyalty program management and monitoring system helps the company to always be well informed of its customers’ demands, that favours the creation of the very right range of goods and improve the service quality. Technological combination of loyalty program with payment processes helps the company to create its own unique ideas and offers, for quite reasonable expenses.

Uniteller company offers the services of building the loyalty programs and their further maintenance:

  • System integration into the current customers database and its binding to each customer's personal loyalty card 
  • Loyalty program bound to the credit cards used by customers

The loyalty program can be easily built basing on the company's current strategy with quick and seamless integration into the current payment processes.


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