Unattended solutions

Uniteller company offers the services and own products for the credit cards acceptance in the self-service industry:

Automated gas stations

  • Credit cards acceptance in self-service mode, regardless of hardware and operating system
  • Ability to support “gas cards” and a gas station loyalty cards

Self-service ticketing kiosks

Automated parking lots and toll roads

  • Localization of foreign hardware settings
  • Implementation and monitoring of credit cards acceptance on the hardware of Russian manufacturers
  • Connection to Russian acquiring companies using Uniteller Payment Controller

Payment terminals

  • Integration, hardware connection to acquiring and transactions maintenance
  • Ability to accept large amounts on terminals (over 15000 Roubles) on account of credits, credit cards pay in, tourist vouchers, etc
  • Connection to Uniteller processing (for banking payment terminals)



  • You minimize the time and resources required to maintain the technical connection
  • You can fully concentrate on the expansion of the terminal network and improving the services quality for your customers, due to the expensses minimization on the system maintenance
  • We will help you to build effective interaction with your acquiring bank


  • EMV Level 2
  • Anti-skimming protection
  • Several levels of authorized data security

We provide our Clients with all necessary support and even more:

  • Program components for integration on different platforms
  • Connection to Uniteller processing server 24х7
  • Full anf clear technical documentation with samples
  • Consultation and training

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“Virtual acquirer”- a new acquiring service for Russian banks was presented by Uniteller on the 4th International PLUS-Forum. Details