Парнерство 2Uniteller company possesses positive experience of many years in development and support of full cycle interaction between Merchants, their bank-acquirers and processing centers for self-service networks connection, support and increase:


  • certified gateway with a bank-acquirer processing or maintaining its connection within the current ones
  • test equipment for Merchant's software integration with Uniteller payment module
  • maintaining and automation of PIN-pads crypto security process and uploading/flashing several keys to one PIN-pad considering its capacity
  • organization of used keys or processing choice within the software request from self-service systems
  • organization of used keys or processing choice within the cards in self-service system using preprocessing settings
  • loyalty programs arrangement and support for regular customers
  • internet acquiring service of international payment systems cards
  • preprocessing service organization for all Merchant's units and channels of international payment system cards acceptance in self-service, internet acquiring and common trade network with the ability to get general reporting and verification of all bank cards transactions.
  • individual EMV certification of Uniteller payment solution for dealing with Smart-cards.

Chess House named by V.Y. Dvorkovich hosted the star guests on RIW 13. Details

“Virtual acquirer”- a new acquiring service for Russian banks was presented by Uniteller on the 4th International PLUS-Forum. Details